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318 chain Autolodge (Songpan)

Room Type 门市价 普卡价9折 Status
豪华双床房 N/A N/A Available N/A
豪华大床房 N/A N/A Available N/A
藏式双床房 N/A N/A Available N/A
藏式大床房 N/A N/A Available N/A
藏式亲子房 N/A N/A Available N/A
亲子房车 N/A N/A Available N/A
箱式景观双床房 N/A N/A Available N/A

Hotel Info

Camp covers an area of more than 150 acres, set to eat, live, travel, entertainment, shopping as one of the integrated tourism service platform, is the Sichuan Northwest Plateau self driving tour center.
The camp Holiday Hotel, RV camping, car rental, customs experience area, outdoor activities organized form. With the characteristics of various types of guest room 138, fixed RV camp 10, 30 mobile real parking, camping and Taiwan 30, accommodate more than 500 people stay. Camp to: leisure vacation, landing car (car rental), folk customs, custom travel as the main body, is the depth of your travel experience, into the nature, highlighting the personality of a good place.
318 Chuanzhusi grinding self driving tour camp original tourism resort type hotel features, in the pursuit of "clean, warm, careful", for the domestic and foreign tourists to provide convenient and comfortable, generous and practical high price accommodation facilities. Mu sightseeing garden base, advocating "simple, green, environmental protection, ecological way of life, pay attention to humanity and care, body and mind and the environment a high degree of coordination and unity. Creative room with large floor to ceiling glass show, rooms spacious and transparent; Tibetan boutique residential Tibetan cultural characteristics to create, with independent leisure courtyard, the guests a private and relaxed holiday space; lavender viewing room to Chuanzhu Si carefully crafted acres of lavender garden as the background, push window can enjoy the romantic purple beauty; car purchase international brands with independent leisure balcony, enjoy their grandchildren; camping area carefully addressing, man and nature and beauty are highly unified fusion.



Phone: 0837-7257318    18628064691

Email: hotel318@126.com

Zip: 610051

Address: Songpan mountain Sichuan County ABA BA Xiang Mill Village


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